Tomy AFX Super G Plus Marmax #16 Indy Slot Car HO
We offer over 60,000... eHobbies is the online leader of model hobbies and toys! We offer over 60,000 products in model kits, rocket sets, RC vehicles, trains and more! AFX Super International 4 Lane HO Scale Slot Car Set 71241 is what you're
Star Wars slot car sets don’t use cars
I had a bunch of slot car sets when I was a kid ... Exactly when these sets will launch is unknown. The Death Star set will cost around $109 and the Endor set will be around $156.
Dodge ‘Adult Toys’ of the 1970’s - Dodge Street Van (Photos)
In 1976 the inevitable happened and Dodge birthed ... Kline, Chrysler Corporation's manager of truck sales explained the reasoning behind Chrysler’s entry to the customized van world of the 70’s. “This model, the first of its type offered by a ...
Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Made Devices With Toy Car Parts (VIDEO)
(Photo : Reuters) Federal investigators confirmed today, April 19, that components of a toy DuraTrax radio-controlled car were used to make the bombs ... who owns Inside Out Hobbies in New Hampshire. "He (the bomber) may have come here.
Slot cars roar back with champs like 13-year-old Justin Colvin
... collector of slot cars and a regular at Fast Track Hobbies. He remembers the industry's ups and downs. "When I was 9, we used to have to drive 15 miles out to race our slot cars," he said. "Then toy companies picked up the hobby and it became a craze.
Popular Toys from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s
While all (wellmost) of our toys were strewn across the floor, sitting on shelves, lying in boxes and stuffed in chests, they were always ready for action. We had dolls, cars, trucks, games, blocks, stuffed animals and a wide assortment of odds ...